Sale! Router Wifi Buffalo WXR-2533DHP2

Router Wifi Buffalo WXR-2533DHP2

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Router Wifi Buffalo WXR-2533DHP2 là model mới nhất hiện nay với cấu hình khủng khiếp bộ vi xử lý 1.4GHz dual-core, 512Mb RAM, hiệu suất cao với 4 angten ngoài, 1 Wan 4 Lan tốc độ gigabit và 2 port USB 3.0 , hỗ trợ 2 băng tần chạy song song (2.4GHz – 800Mbps and 5GHz – 1733Mbps).


Dùng thử 7 ngày. Ở đâu bán rẻ chúng tôi bán rẻ hơn



Minami-chan of Buffalo Nakamura and assistant will introduce an easy-to-understand fun and the appeal of this product. The size of the reasons, why an external antenna, large public a secret in order to maximize the performance of the Wi-Fi router that has been hidden in the great body of the.

× 44 large movable antenna is a flexible radio waves create an environment that is tailored to achieve the house of shape

The radio waves of direction by changing the angle of the antenna, adopted four large movable antenna that can be optimized for your area of the environment. 
It can not be a built-in antenna type, by customizing the length and breadth freely Wi-Fi radio wave environment, to achieve a stable radio waves supplied at high speed to every corner of the house.

According to the house of the shape, you can customize the Wi-Fi environment

In the landscape of the residence, such as apartments and one-story house, you can make the horizontal direction of the radio wave environment by opening the sector to stand the antenna.

> Use environment-specific antenna installation guide is here.

In the three-story portrait of residence, such as a house, you can make the longitudinal direction of the radio wave environment by opening the sector to defeat antenna.

Four antennas, widely cover all the direction and angle of the smartphone and tablet

Communication speed comparison with the conventional products in the iPhone 6

Conventional products ※: WZR-600DHP3 (11n / a 2x2)

Any scene house, and widely cover the smartphone and tablet of any direction and angle in four antennas. 
While still rumbling in the bedroom even while bathing, even lying even sit down, you can comfortably use the break difficult smartphone tablet radio waves.

[Radio measurement environment] 
wireless LAN base unit: WXR-2533DHP, WZR-600DHP3 (11n / a 2x2built-in antenna) 
smartphone: IPhone 6 
PC: DELL PRECISION M4600 (Intel Core i7 the 2.4-GHz / memory - 8.0GB) Windows7 Ultimate SP1 ( 64bit) 
[measuring method] 
wireless base unit to a PC wired, smart phone is connected wirelessly. 
Measurement for 60 seconds of throughput of PC → smartphone at IxChariot 
(2015/5 currently, our research) ※ communication distance, speed is dependent on the environment.

Articles Introduction

We have been tried, such as the actual measurement and ease of use of speed been featured in a variety of media. 
Please see a thick review. 
※ Both following article is not an ad article, tie-up article.

Good housing design to maximize advanced technology

Antenna design with reduced interference

Suppress the radio wave interference by placing the antenna in the optimal spacing, communication efficiency is up. Communication speed of Wi-Fi also improved flying distance of the radio waves.

Patent application already

High-efficiency heat dissipation design

In heat dissipation mechanism to intake and exhaust from large heat sink and a wide range, to protect the CPU and the circuit operating at a high speed in strong from the heat. To achieve the heat generation of the suppressed stable operation due to the high load processing.

11ac + beam forming smartphone also crisp comfortable tablet

In 11ac & 256QAM and 4x4 antenna, 
realize the communication performance of the Buffalo fastest ※ 1

In addition to the next-generation high-speed standard to transfer a large capacity in a short period of time "11ac (5GHz)", corresponding to 256QAM of 2.4GHz. In addition, equipped with a 4x4 antenna, realize the communication performance of the Buffalo fastest ※ 1. The 5GHz band is up to 1733Mbps ※ 2, 2.4GHz band is capable of high-speed communications of up to 800Mbps ※ 2.

  1. ※ 1 2015 of June
  2. ※ 2 numerical value is a standard value.
  3. ※ 3 [wireless LAN effective throughput] 
    large movable antenna and the comparison measurement of the built-in antenna 
    large movable antenna (this product): about 1258Mbps 
    built-in antenna goods: about 991Mbps 
    communication between the wireless LAN access point is the parent machine, the child machine both It is correspondence only case of this product. 
    [Measurement environment] PC1 and PC2 CPU: AMD G series T40E ( 1GHz), DRAM: 2GB DDR3-1066 DRAM, OS: ubuntu 14.04 (32bit) 
    [measuring method] 2 PC1 to the Internet terminal and the LAN terminal of the wireless LAN base unit connection in this wired LAN. PC2 is connected by two of the wired LAN to the Internet terminal and the LAN terminal of the wireless LAN terminal.Wireless LAN master unit and the slave unit is installed off 4.5m.IxChariot using (performance measurement tool) PC1⇔ wireless LAN base unit ← → measurement to calculate the average three times the communication between the wireless LAN terminal ⇔PC2. (April 2015 our research)

Up to three simultaneous processing of possible <MU-MIMO>

Corresponding to the communication of the plurality of terminal can be processed at the same time, "MU over MIMO". Without reducing the speed at up to three ※ of the terminal can be a comfortable high-speed communication.

※ child machine must also corresponds to the "MU-MIMO".

MU-MIMO enabled smartphone / PC

 Arrows NX 

Wi-Fi radio waves in the beam-forming function is tracking the smartphone

Neraiuchi the equipment to move around the house, such as iPhone 6 and GALAXY S5 to the stability and speed up the communication corresponding to the "beam forming".To achieve a more comfortable high-speed Wi-Fi communication. ※ beam forming corresponding only when communicating in the 5GHz band

> Tested models

Realize a variety of functions in the high-speed processing of 1.4GHz dual-core CPU equipped room

1.4GHz high-speed dual-core CPU and for the 2.4GHz band, equipped with each auxiliary chip for the 5GHz band. Conventional wireless LAN base unit high (Wi-Fi routers), the difficult load processing was also provide a comfortable processing speed. In addition, the wireless communication of the dual-band, for a dedicated CPU each performs processing individually, even if you want to simultaneous processing functions other than communication, it does not have that speed of wireless communication falls.

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